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I-tec Core

With the new I-tec core we are processing thin glued timber layers in the core of the timber/aluminium window HF 410 which is only commonly known from highly stable roof beams and supports .

I-tec Locking

I-tec locking renders levering of windows impossible. This patent is unrivalled in the window brand and is already integrated in UPVC or UPVC/aluminium window KF 500. Integrated flaps press on to the inside of the frame from all sides when locking and therefore offer maximum burglary protection.

I-tec Ventilation

I-tec ventilation ensures comfortable and energy-efficient airing according to demands. The ventilation is already integrated in the window and can therefore easily be installed in refurbishments.

I-tec Shading

All Internorm window systems with integrated blinds can be equipped with I-tec shading. This sun protection without external power source works with photovoltaic module and batteries.

I-tec SmartWindow

I-tec SmartWindow, the intelligent building control, enables you to easily and conveniently operate your ventilation and shading via Smartphone or tablet, no matter if you are at home or on the way.

I-tec Glazing

Many window panes are only connected to the frame at a few points. As standard we are offering I-tec glazing, continuous all around fixing.

I-tec Insulation

I-tec insulation is inserted with pressure as granulate into the inside of the frames of UPVC/aluminium window KF 410 and KV 440.